You Are Not Alone

It can seem like no one sees you, that no one feels the way you do, but I assure you whatever your current mood or internal dialogue, you aren’t alone in it. Though no one can fully know the intimate details of your pain, you aren’t the only one who

• doesn’t want to get out of bed
• is angry with God or having a crisis of faith
• can’t sleep
• forgets your person is gone
• wants people to stop treating them like they’re fragile
• wants people to leave them alone
• wants to just get on with life
• wishes the world would stop for just a moment
• needs help with their mental health
• eats their feelings
• drowns their sorrows
• feels completely lost and overwhelmed
• wishes people would acknowledge your pain
• experiences all the emotions all at once
• has lost their appetite in some way
• can’t listen to certain songs anymore
• smells things that remind them of their person

What would you add to the list? What makes you feel like you’re alone in this experience of grief?


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